• Training mainly focused on the practice and application of concepts to real situations.
  • International level training on all types of financial products and risks.
  • Training provided by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in risk management and working for the largest banks and international financial institutions in Europe and the United States.
  • Candidates for the BEAC (Bank of Central African States).
  • Employees and executives of banks, microfinance institutions, financial institutions) wishing to develop their skills in finance and management of R & D and acquire international experience and training.
  • Fraud detection systems
  • Candidates with at least a bachelor's degree (in computer science, mathematics, statistics, economics, etc.) and who wish to orient their courses towards the financial field.
Our offers

Programs / certifications of 2 weeks intensive on the main concepts and allowing a rapid discovery of the notions.

Practical introduction to financial products and risks
b) Advanced financial risk management

2. Customized training specifically for companies with a minimum of 10 employees

3. Diploma in analysis and management of applied financial risks.

a) training over six months including the two modules of item 1) above
b) training including daily work and follow-up in addition to training in computer-based development of financial modules.
c) The objective is to train potential candidates from the outset to work in a practical way and develop tools for banks and financial institutions

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