Data Analysis
Big Data
  • Porting your unstructured and/or structured data (potentially paper files) to databases designed and stuctured following best international practices.
  • Using latest big data technologies, enabling notably the processing of streaming data.
  • Building prediction models and analytics to unearth valuable patterns in your data.
  • Producing management information systems,reports on your data to help you leverage your data and extract value from it and discover untapped opportunities, etc.
Data Science
  • Leverage expertise of statisticians having more than 20 years of experience working for prestigious European and American clients supported by local development teams.
  • Credit scoring systems and processes.
  • Fraud detection systems.
  • Systems and processes for operational improvement.
  • Systems and processes for discovering new opportunites, exploit new markets, generate new revenue from existing clients, etc.
  • Quantitative marketing systems and platforms to help our clients find and keep at the least cost new customers, engage with their existing ones and increase their profits.
  • See our current platform designed for retail and e-commerce.